The model of a plasma generator that can convert vacuum-plasma energy into electricity was developed under Professor Alexander Chernetsky (aka Chernetskii, Чернецкий) at the Moscow Georgi Plekhanov Institute of the National Economy.


Such generators could provide future environmentally benign electrical power.

Similar Power has been Discovered taught by Joe Cell Paul Pantone and Stanley Meyer to name a few. 

Combining these chains of knowledge from each inventor we can see how to correctly operate a

EPG Plasma Power  device. 

Professor Chernetsky, the author of a research paper on plasma-diagnostics equipment had been in this field for 40 years and created over 20 inventions. In the early 70s he and fellow-researcher Yuri Galkin worked on a basically new type of high-frequency plasma generator that could give out power almost five times greater than the energy it consumed.

This is how he explained his Plasma discovery:

The self-generating discharge emerges when the discharge current reaches a definite critical density. Magnetic fields are created that ensure magnetization of the plasma electrons and then cycloid movements are displayed.

The interaction of cycloid currents with the magnetic field forces the electrons to deviate to the cylinder- shaped discharge axis and the electrical field emerges.

This proves that the physical vacuum is switched on. In this field the vacuum is polarized and consequently virtual ion pairs begin to move in a definite direction, instead of chaotically. The virtual positrons accelerate plasma electrons, giving them part of their energy.

The current in the circuit builds up in a capacitor and the additional energy is discharged through a resistor by the discharge circuit.


Clearly, only part of the tremendous vacuum energy is extracted.

We have developed several circuit versions that can find applications. In one experiment with an input power of 700 watts, three kilowatts was extracted by the generator to resistive loads, this being nearly five times more power.

This is by far not the limit and with more powerful plants and the corresponding calculations’ megawatts of free electricity can be produced from a minimal power source.

Chernetsky envisioned a world of unlimited energy – energized by the unleashed power provided by his vacuum tubes.


Dr Chernetski demonstrated a device which showed enough excess energy to burn out a power station which it was connected to in a test. It was based around a spark discharge in low pressure hydrogen.


Dr Chernetski was then killed in a car accident and his worked taken no further.

In a simpler test he also showed that with the right spark and less “expensive setup” could show a decrease in draw current with an increase in the load.

Dr. Alex Frolov replicated Chernetsky’s spark Device

NOVOSTI press release 03NTO-890717CM04 (17 July 1989 ) 
Spec. Sci. Tech. 13(4), 273 (1990). 



Andrei Samokhin

The model of a plasma generator which can convert physical-vacuum energy into electricity has been developed under Prof. Alexander CHERNETSKI at the Moscow Georgi Plekhanov Institute of the National Economy.  Such generators could lay the groundwork for the future environmentally-benign power industry.
Classical physics cannot explain what happens when a plasma discharger placed in the Chernetski circuit is started: for no apparent reason the ammeter pointer shows triple strength-of-current increase [sic] and energy output is several times above input.  The plant's efficiency is much more than 1.
No magic is intended.  Additional energy outputs at specific plasma discharges are fixed in several independent expert reportsby the Lenin All-Union Institute of Electrical Engineering.  This effect has been checked by different methods. Whence this mysterious energy?
Self-generating discharge

Prof Chernetski, the author of the first ever study paper on plasma-diagnotics equipment (he has been in this field fro 40 years now) and 20 inventions, never knew what he was probing into specific unstable plasma states at strong-current discharges could have led to.  In the early 70s, he and fellow-researcher Yuri
Galkin worked on a basically new type of high-frequency plasma generator which could at high power do without unwieldy energy converters.  In one test, they discovered input-output energy gap. [sic]
"I knew electron drift begins in plasma and sought to deduce a combination of variables in which fluctuating plasma instability emerged in discharge," Chernetski says.  "Gas discharge was meant to serve as a powerful stimulator of electromagnetic modes and, all of a sudden and in defiance of the law of conservation of energy, a strange energy imbalance was produced.  Repeated experiments with different circuits proved energy output to be always greater than input."
The mysterious discharge stimulating additional energy extraction was called the "self generating discharge (SGD)". Measurements showed that part of the discharge power went back into the network as if two series-connected electromotive forces were at work.
In a bid to try to explain the experimental data, the researchers actually tried to prove the impossible.  One of their proofs was very "strong". 


The one-megawatt substation of the Moscow Aviation Institute, where Chernetski and Galkin were staging an experiment with a powerful plasma unit, burned out. When the dischrage currents reached criticality, superstrong current was "born" in the generator and went back into the network, playing havoc with the safety devices calculated for short-circuit. 


Later on, they read in books that earlier in the century the power plant of prominent Yugoslav electrical engineer Nikola Tesla caught fire under similar circumstances in the United States.  Chernetski and Galkin were sure that Tesla was making such experiments, but did not publish the results.  They are also sure that vacuum energy can explain this mysterious effect.
A Vacuum-Powered Lamp

The researchers relied on the present-day quantum physics idea of "zero-point oscillations" in physical vacuum.  Such oscillations signifying the birth and annihilation of virtual pairs -- the particle and anti-particle, distinguished from the normal elementary particles by a negligibly short life, a mere 8.10/-21[sic] sec. 


Emerging below the zero energy level from "nothing" and returning to "nothing", virtual particles as if defy the law of conservation of energy.  Quantum electrodynamics explains this paradox through the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. 


Under it all the precise particle characteristics cannot be learnt simultaneously and, therefore, one must not require from nature "punctual" abidance by the law during such a short time as the life of virtual pairs.  The observer fails to notice anything, while every virtual pair is more than real, carrying an energy of more than half a million electron-volts during its lifetime.  The potential energy in the electric bulb vacuum is enough to boil the earth's oceans, Americans John Wheeler and Richard Feynman have calculated.
Until recently the vacuum energy idea was only a daring hypothesis bordering on science-fiction.  The lamp powered by vacuum in Chernetski's basement laboratory in the center of Moscow made it a reality.
This is how he explains his miraculous experiment:


"The self-generating discharge emerges when the discharge current reach a definite critical density, when the magnetic fields they create ensure magnetisation of plasma electrons and they begin to perform mostly cycloid movements.


The interaction of currents with their magnetic fields forces the electrons to deviate to the cylinder-shaped discharge axis and the electrical field emerges.


It has proved to 'switch on' the physical vacuum: in this field the vacuum is polarised and consequently the virtual pairs begin to move in a definite direction, instead of chaotically.


The virtual positrons accelerate plasma electrons, giving them part of their energy.

The current in the circuit builds up and additional energy is discharged on the resistor switched into the discharge circuit. Clearly, only part of the tremendous vacuum energy is extracted.

"We've developed several circuit versions which can find application.  In the later experiment with an input power of 700 watts, that extracted by the generator loads resistance was three kilowatts, or nearly five times more.


This is by far not the limit and with more powerful plants and the corresponding calculations megawatts of free electricity can be produced from a minimal power source."
Self-Generating-Discharge Plasmatron and Space Travel.
Yuri Galkin looks at the future of their discovery: "Its applications are wide-ranging. For example, engines based on the self-generating-discharge plasmatron. Until now all attempts to use plasmatrons as engines failed, because strong electron and ion bombardments rapidly burnt out the electrodes.


Self-generating discharge leaves them intact and such engines can be used in aircraft, trains and autos. It would be logical to create a new environmentally-wise power industry. Portable hydros, wind power plants and solar batteries boosted by self-generating discharge could become an enormous source of electricity.


With time, they could edge out the costly and hazardous fuel-firing and hydraulic [hydroelectric?] facilities. Already now we can build a plant which would supply electricity for a township or factory.  A vacuum power station comparable to giant facilities could be designed today. Our discovery can revolutionise cosmonautics."
Laboratory experiments have proved the possibility of using the kinetic effect of self-generating discharge for accelerating bodies in space. Galkin has calculated the parameters of a self-generating-discharge plasmatron that could serve as the propulsion engine of the future, replacing the present unwieldy rocket engines. Powered by a minor ten-volt source, it can deliver power enough for the takeoff of a large spaceship. Tapping the ambient space vacuum, it could fly eternally.
Unknown Waves
"We didn't think of only industrial applications," Chernetski recalls.


"Self-generating discharge turned out to produce wave radiation which was hitherto unknown, but evidently existent at all times. Like sound waves, its waves have a longitudinal electric field component and a high penetrability through condcutive mediums, including metals.


It turned out that these single waves, 'awakening' the hidden vacuum energy, can alter substance structure. "The experiment staged at the Burdenko Institute of Neurosurgery in Moscow several years ago showed that directional SGD radiation accelerated nuclear beta-decomposition by 5%-6%.


This is only one example. We supposed that, like SGD-generator radiation, longitudinal electric-field component waves could also be produced by living beings, man in particular.


Comparative experiments were staged to prove the impact on men with extrasensory perception and of our device on different objects. In both cases parallel impact on the high-stability quartz generator made its frequency 'drift' by several orders of magnitude. The filament resistance of the incandescent lamp decreased considerably. Probably we are on the road to explaining such mysterious things as extrasensory perception, telekinesis and bioenergy.

The experimentally-verified concept of Chernetski claims to be a theoretical breakthrough in the basic quantum-physics idea of the energy structure of the Universe. It is generally recognised among physicists that all elementary particle interactions, and hence every existing phenomenon, occur with the help of virtual-particle exchange. How does it come about?
"Full annihilation of virtual pairs cannot take place in the event of partial energy extraction in self-generating discharge, because a 'certain' virtual dipole must emerge -- two separate charges with a
common negative energy. This means that together with energy extraction vacuum structurisation and ordering takes place. Actually, our concept is a return to the idea of the universal ether at an entirely new level. We say that the ordered dipole vacuum, or ether, is an all-penetrating energy medium in which processes occur which are related to virtual dipoles and subject to the uncertainty principle of modern physics."
Chernetski asks: if vacuum structurisation is a constant process, isn't this an opportunity to state the law of conservation of entropy in the Universe in opposition to the idea of its steadfast decrease?

What if this work helps to clear up the nature of gravitation, which is as dim now as it was in the times of Newton? What his concept of the vacuum shows the road to the long-awaited explanation of the Grand Unification theory?
"As as experimental physicist I won't say our theory is 100 percent correct," Chernetski declares. "It's much more an opportunity now to have indisputable experimental data to prove the opportunity of creating a basically new power industry."
Only a rapid switch to new energy can save human civilization from ecological catastrophe.  The research program must be developed immediately and a center set up to coordinate cooperation between world scientists. Natural and unlimited vacuum energy is at our doorstep.

Self-Generating Electrical Discharge

Alexander V. Frolov

I would like to present my comments on well-known paper by Alexander V. Chernetsky  «About physical nature of biological energy phenomenons and its modeling» that was published in 1989 [1]. He showed clear analogy between physical nature of  telepathy and his discovery named as electrical «self-generating discharge» SGD.

The SGD produce longitudinal electromagnetic wave that is not accepted in classical physics since it can be created only in some substance like the sound wave can be created in air. But it is the experimental fact and the substance we have to talk about is the ether or the material space. Alexander Chernetsky used the term «physical vacuum» to show principal difference between his «structured vacuum» and «vacuum as nothing».  The waves we'll discuss are the energy density waves created locally in  space so there is some volumetrical density of this energy. In other words, the space is product or result of some process and its energy density is depend of the parameters of the process. When we'll get the way to generate the wave it means to create some local change of the space or material object structure located in the area of the wave. The experiments proved it.

The development of biological energy science is important direction of medical research in strength of the possibility to correct biological field of the object and it is the correction of the reason of the disease.  Many scientists present the biological field like some special kind of the field but others think it is electromagnetic one.  Academician Vernadsky developed the conception of global energy and information field of our planet that was named as «noosphere» and it is the result of any processes for all  biological objects. In this case the biological field should be high penetrating field through any barrier or screen. Also it should be self-sustaining energy process to keep the information for a long time.  By Chernetsky the energy field of biological objects can be produced by longitudinal electromagnetic waves and they are generating by means of movements of electrical charges (plasma) in energy centers and channels of human, animal or plant [2].  The electrical plasma of SGD he investigated is similar to biological plasma and it demonstrate the negative electrical  conductivity that is the condition for self-sustaining energy mode. So, the medical topic we started is connected with «free energy» topic also, i.e. the wave must be getting energy from surrounding medium to exist and this method can be developed in fuel-less source of energy  technology. By this way of operation the space itself is the source and it become locally more «thin» or more «rare» when the energy is extracted directly from it. The term «rare» is connected with some frequency of the process and I would like to note once more: the space can be considered as some periodical process of some frequency and its energy density is depend of the frequency. The mechanical analogy is some «free energy system» that is taking energy from invisible rotation of surrounding substance. From my point of view, this frequency can be considered also as local rate of  time flow and the «time machine» technology is not impossible idea and it does not require some tremendous power input but it is the secondary effects of the free energy device if it is an «extractor» of power from the process of the existence of the material space.

One of  many experiments by Chernetsky was dedicated to investigation of biological nature of the longitudinal electromagnetic wave. The experiment was made in Moscow by V.I.Dokutchaev [3], in Novosibirsk by Y.V. Tornouev, and in Moscow by A.V. Chernetsky. Small animal was killed and just at this moment the electrometer detected the changes of electrical field gradient. The animal was submitted in metal box so classical transverse electromagnetic wave (Hertz wave) should be screened and only longitudinal electromagnetic wave (Tesla wave) can penetrate the screen. I have to note the analogy with N.A.Kozyrev's experiments [4]. He investigated the wave that is produced by any non-reversible process, for example by dissipation process or by deformation of elastic matter. The wave was detected by several methods: electrical component of the wave was detected by electrometer. The mechanical effect was detected by special rotational  weight system. The wave produce changes of structure and electrical conductivity of a matter and it can be detected by any balanced electronics circuit when one element of the circuit is placed in the area of the wave. N.A.Kozyrev named the waves as «density of time rate waves». He detected this wave also for the process of fading of the part of a plant. So, the seasonal and daily changes in the energy density of space were described by many scientists as changes of the ether density  can be explained by the changes in biological activity. For some applications it is useful to consider the same wave as the flow of some particles, named as «chronons» by Academician Albert I. Veinik [5]. He detected local changes of the rate of the time by means of two equal quartz oscillators when one of them was submitted in the area of the generated «flow of chronons». Really, we have to talk about some changes in the matter structure (up to inter-atom distance) of the quartz that produce detected frequency difference. The same experiment was described by N.A.Kozyrev for his «wave of the density of the time». To use some common  term let's name this wave as the Energy Density Waves (EDW) in difference from  electromagnetic wave (EMW). It is the longitudinal wave, i.e. the energy density is modulated in the direction from the generator to infinity. The velocity of the wave is the question of investigation but if the space (the ether) is considered as some solid state matter  there are no any doubts to take it as super-luminal or instantaneous velocity. Let's take an example: when one push the table at the same moment all points of the table are moving and the velocity is instantaneous. It is corresponding to Kozyrev's theory and he proved it in the experiments to detect real and imagine positions for  a star. He got information about visible star position by means of electromagnetic waves are spreading with limited velocity of light and the real position was detected by the trajectory of «wave of density of time» that is instantaneous information signal without any spreading.

In other words, we have to use four-dimensional view to consider three-dimensional world as the system of some density of energy and when one create the changes of the density this four-dimensional wave is not spreading along some spatial dimension but it is created in all points of the  Universe at the moment of creation. Sure, the value of the change near of the generator and far from generator is different so it is local changes in some sense.

N.Tesla investigate the standing wave of electrical nature like the wave he observed in process of natural storm. In 1932 he wrote: «...I showed that the universal medium is a gaseous body in which only longitudinal pulses can be propagated, involving alternating compression and expansion similar to those produced by sound waves in air.» [6].  Now we have few different views to the ether: Is it absolutely solid state body or the gaseous one? There is fine solution to solve the problem and this approach is proved experimentally by A.M.Mishin, St.-Petersburg [7]. He published the results of long-time measurements he produced in his home laboratory. The equipment included  special detector made as auto-oscillating electromechanical system with some biological element to get electrical signals from changes of biological plasma state. By Mishin, the system detected all turbulent disturbances (the temperature) of the ether, anisotropic properties (direction and polarization) of the ether and the ether fluxes (the ether winds). His conclusion is: the ether exist in different states and the state depend of the parameters of the turbulent disturbance. For ether-1 it is solid state body, ether-2 is dense superfluid liquid, ether-3 is connected with molecular motion and it is gaseous body, ether-4 is stellar plasma state and ether-5 correspond to galactical processes. By this view the Tesla's understanding of the ether is true for certain energy level of process in the space. Kozyrev's instantaneous interaction by means of active properties of time is possible in solid state ether.

Let's consider the technology of SGD by Chernetsky to show the source of energy for it. At first, we have to suppose zero point oscillation reality, i.e. vacuum structure is some process of transformation from photons to virtual electron-positron pairs and from electron-positron pairs to photons. When strong electrical field is created on surface of the plasma the vacuum structure should be polarized and by this reason the movement of virtual particles acquire certain direction to increase electrical field intensity and to accelerate plasma electrons. By this way Alexander V. Chernetsky explained his over-unity experimental results. [1, p.16]. He wrote about some kind of radiation that is created in biological over-unity energetics process like SGD, so by his opinion the global energy-information field of the planet (noosphere) is created as superposition of these self-sustaining waves. Also he noted some telekinetic facts can be explained by the hypothesis of vacuum structuring if human brain can produce quite powerful image of some object and this image will get energy from vacuum to interact with real object [1, p.21].

Let's note the term «holography» that is useful for any case of information reproduction when some small part of the interferention structure include information about all sources of the waves. Since the global information field is produced by  energy density waves we discussed above the interferention image will be four-dimensional structure and the notion of «part of image» is different from ordinary holography. In a few words: three-dimensional holography is result of interferention of electromagnetic transverse waves and the information is submitted in thickness of the photography emulsion  so any point of surface of holographical plate can be used to reproduce all image. It is necessary to use some coherent source of electromagnetic waves (laser). Similar technology can be used to reproduce information from four-dimensional interferention structure but it is necessary to use some coherent source of the energy density waves. Also there is the difference: information can be reproduce from any point of three-dimensional holography plate since there is some thickness of the plate, and information can be reproduces from any point of four-dimensional holography structure if we'll use some period of time. The time axis is the analogy for thickness in this case.  This hypothesis include supposition about some elementary period of reproduction for all material structure of the Universe. The Planck constant and discrete laws of quantum world allow to calculate the period of time that is minimal part of four-dimensional structure to reproduce it at whole image. From this point of view any process that is creating the energy density wave also it is production of the «recording» into global energy-information structure. Medical application of this theory is quite simple: it is necessary to produce some compensation «recording» to remove the disease or aging process.

If three-dimensional holography image is copy of real material object that create the interferention structure of electromagnetic transverse waves in thickness of the plate, so four-dimensional holography is copy of real energy process that create interferention structure of  energy density waves in structured vacuum. When three-dimensional holography is reproduced it is possible to see image without real material object. When four-dimensional holography is reproduced the energy process can be detected without  material structure of a «generator» that is connected with original process. The power of reproduced process is depend of used coherent source of energy density waves.
Technical aspects of experimental SGD device were not detailed by Chernetsky in [1] but he explained the ways to get SGD. By his definition, self-generating discharge is special type of electrical arc that can be created at certain value of density of discharge current. Since volt-ampere diagram of any arc consist of decreasing and increasing part, Chernetsky noted two ways for self-sustaining electrical oscillations: at first, small current way on the decreasing part of the diagram when the resistance of the arc is negative, and at second, great current way on the increasing part of the diagram when the arc plasma electrons are interacting with strong magnetic field of plasma (so called pinch-effect was found by Chernetsky in 1960th).  First way seems me as most simple and effective way and there were produced some simple experiments to prove it [8]. But Alexander V. Chernetsky used the second way to get the self-sustaining oscillation in plasma. He noted: the pinch-effect produce the radial electrical field in the arc and corresponding radial magnetic field. In development of his explanation let me note: since the primary source create axial movement of changed particles between electrodes, the reason of  radial separation and additional energy of the plasma particles is well-known Lorenz force. Positive feedback in this circuit is the next: pinch-effect compress the plasma in radial direction, then radial electromagnetic field interact with axially moving particles of plasma to increase radial separation, so the energy of plasma particles is increasing up to change of electrodes polarity that stop the arc process. The change is produced by plasma particle and the source is direct current source only. The changes of electrodes polarity are possible only if the energy of the particle is increased in process of the movement in the arc gap between electrodes. Capacity and inductive parameters of experimental device define the resonance frequency of the oscillations. Chernetsky tested 3MHz oscillations and duration of pulses was about 30 microseconds. He used voltage  600VDC (direct current source).  The plasma was created in  hydrogen at pressure about 0.1 T.

To consider the mechanism of creation of longitudinal electromagnetic wave Alexander Chernetsky used Dokutchaev's theory of «charge equivalent» [3]. The effect is explained as result of relativistic changes of distances for two groups of electrical charges those are in relative motion. The distances between moving charges are less than the distances between charges in rest. This change in distances is equivalent to some additional electric charge and it is proportionally to the velocity of motion. The effect was tested in superconductivity circuit that was submitted in metal box (Faraday screen) and when the current was created in it the changes of electrical field were detected out of the box. It is possible only for longitudinal electromagnetic wave to pass through metal screen [3].

I have to note some connection with gravity experiments by Podkletnov who is experimenting with superconductivity circuit. The changes of weight he detected can be explained by interaction with longitudinal electromagnetic wave. The wave is the energy density  wave and in area of the wave all material things will change the structure and the weight. Sure, it can be used for gravity drive design.

Dokutchaev's «charge equivalent» can be created both in superconductivity state metals and biological plasma,


Chernetsky wrote. For the self-generating discharge the reason for longitudinal wave is radial component of the current (charges are moving both in axial direction between electrodes and they are oscillating in radial direction).


Most important point is property of the wave to get energy from substance where the wave is created. It is based on negative conductivity of the substance


Chernetsky calculated for the longitudinal wave. By this reason, the second law of thermodynamics can be discussed: if the vacuum consist of so called «virtual dipoles» so the structure of space can be ordered (structured) or disordered (unstructured).  Chernetsky noted: the entropy is increasing in material world but this changes always is compensated by decrease of entropy (structuring) in physical vacuum.


N.A.Kozyrev consider the same balance as changes of «density of time»: if some process, for example, crystallization or dissipation is created in matter, the corresponding compensation changes were detected  in space near of the process [4, page 386].

The waves are generated by biological plasma produce the same structuring of the space and these «mind-forms» can demonstrate interaction with real material objects since the energy density wave are real energetically independent self-sustaining objects.

Experiments were produced by A.V.Chernetsky, Y.A.Galkin, S.N.Kolokoltzev [1, p.84] to find changes in resistance of electronic circuit element if the element was submitted between plates of capacitor of self-generating discharge device.


The same experiment was organized to show the changes of the oscillating frequency for quartz oscillator. The frequency was changed in 1000 times and more. It is necessary to note that the changes were unreversible after the structure of the elements was changed by the energy density wave. Other interesting aspect is long-time structuring of the space that was experimentally proved by Chernetsky: the area of space between the plates of the capacitor produced the same effects to change the structure of matter after the capacitor was removed or disconnected from self-generating discharge device.
In this short review I tried to join some things to show real perspective ways for new technologies in most important applications for energetics, spacecraft industry, medicine and telecommunication. No matter if one consider it as far future fantastic perspective. It is reality and all you need is to create the arc by Alexander V. Chernetsky technology.

1.  Chernetsky A.V., About physical nature of biological energy phenomenons and its modeling, Moscow, publ., by All-Union Correspondence Polytechnical Institute, 1989, ISBN 5-7045-0179-6.

2.  Chernetsky A.V., Systems of electric charges separation and biological energetics, 1981, Magazine «The problems of medical electronics»,  number3, Taganrog.

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4.  Kozyrev N.A., Selected works, 1991, Leningrad, Leningrad University.

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But the reason I'm writing about this, is because of a fascinating discovery made in Russia by Alexander Chernetski and tentatively called the PLASMATRON. In our past meetings we have discussed MagnetoHydroDynamics (MHD) and the possibilities it presented as an over-unity device.  An ionized gas that was 'supercharged' with high density magnetic flux seems to exhibit certain properties which Chernetskii claims to take advantage of. 

His description of the process;

"The self-generating discharge (SGD) emerges when the discharge current reaches a definite critical density, when the magnetic fields they create ensure magnetisation of plasma electrons and they begin to perform MOSTLY CYCLOID movements. 


The interaction of currents with their magnetic fields forces the electrons to deviate to the cylinder-shaped discharge axis and the electrical field emerges.  It has proved to 'switch on' the physical vacuum; in this field the vacuum is polarized and consequently the virtual pairs begin to move IN A DEFINITE DIRECTION, instead of chaotically.  The current in the circuit builds up and additional energy is discharged on the resistor (that is) switched into the discharge circuit (load).  Clearly, only part of the tremendous vacuum energy is extracted."

Note if you will, once the cycloid pattern is achieved, a specific direction of thrust is generated to force all loose electrons to be thrown off at whatever happens to be in its path, in the Chernetskii case, an energy collector absorbs the energy and then switches out the excess energy toload, such as a motor, light bulb or other device that performs a useful service.  So, this is the same process as the inertial drive, except instead of using the rotation of a MECHANICAL part, we are using the spinning of the plasma, and instead of a weight, we are using a magnetic flux of a CRITICAL DENSITY...

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Subject: Potential-Power transformation 
Date: 2 Sep 1995 14:16:58 +0400 
Organization: Alexander V. Frolov, Private Account 


Theory and experiments 
Alexander V. Frolov 

P.O.Box 37, St.-Petersburg, 193024, Russia 


The present article discusses the extraction of excess power by means of an electric discharge (an arc). This extraction technique relies on the application of a field of electric potential (rather than current) for the creation of power. DEFINITIONS Energy is the ability to do work. Power is the process of work per unit of time. Potential is the value of energy that can be used to make the work. 


It is clear that any experimental data can be interpreted in the light of different conceptions. Nikola Tesla's research work for wireless power transmission from the point of view of energetics can be described as the transformation of high-voltage and high-frequency electric field energy as output power to make produce useful work in a load.


The direction of some of Tesla's patent research [1] was the derivation of excess power from electric discharges. Towards the end of the 1960s Prof. Alexander V. Chernetsky and Uri A. Galkin, Institute of Electrical Engineering, Moscow, carried out experiments using strong arc currents and observed a phenomenon they called, the "self- generating discharge". 

Figure 1 shows the voltage U and current I for this special case of arc.

Figure 1 


_ _ / \ current I /\ \ / \ \ _ / \ \ _ _ ----------------\--------------------------- t \ -- \ / \ \ _/ voltage U

Note that for part of the cycle the current is increasing while the voltage is decreasing. 

dI/dt>0 for dU/dt<0    F.1 

Negative resistance takes place 

R = U/I    F.2 

This fact means that in the process of the self-generating discharge, by Chernetsky, the power 

P = I U   F.3 

is the inflow into the system from an outside source. Detailed description of Chernetsky's experiments were published in English in [2] and [3]. Power output was up to 500 Kwatts and the proof of a reverse current from the experimental system into the electric station was detected.


The Swiss M-L converter described in [4] and [5] uses a high potential source like the Wimshurst machine where it is connected to "spark gap cylinders". These devices are capacitors which have spires between the cylinders to create a "slow electrical arc" between the inner and outer cylinders. 


 Let us find what is the common observations we can extract from all the above technologies. Chernetsky's scheme was published in the magazine Energy and Ecology '86 in Russian, along with the following circuit:

Figure 2 


I L1 I I I I________/\ /\ /\ ______I \/ \/ \/ =============== ___ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ ___ I \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ I I L2 I I I __I__ _I_ _____ C1 I I (R1 is the Load consisting of I I I R1 5 lamps in series) I arc gap I___I I__________ ___________I I I I Sw1 I I____/ _____I Figure 2

A.V. Chernetsky used 5 lamps for 220 AC in series as the load. So, the stepup transformer was rated at 220/1000 Volt, at 50 Hz. The discharge gap had carbon electrodes. When switch Sw1 is open the power in the load is increasing. I used a hand-made stepup transformer rated at 28/2800 VAC at a 5 KHz input and using a high-voltage lamp as the load and metal electrodes.


The gap was 2- 3 mm. A voltmeter and ammeter were used to check the input power. You will find in this experiment that the output power is increasing when the arc is energized, while the power in the primary circuit is decreasing. You can check that the Conservation Law is right: when Sw1 is closed and the current of conductivity is in force, the connection to the load will lead to an increase of the power consumed. So, the "plasma element" in the circuit allows for the extraction of additional power from OUTSIDE of the system and NOT from the primary source. Now let us consider another simple experiment that is closely connected with the scheme above. A more detailed description of it is published in [6]. 

Use a high voltage metal piece, for example a screw-driver and create an arc between the end of it and one wire of a high-voltage transformer. 

Figure 3 


I I high I L1 I voltage I_ /\ /\ __I transformer \/ \/ \/ _____________ ================ ______________[ \ __/\ /\ /\ ____________ I metal [ insulator / \/ \/ \/ arc I______________[ \ L2 [_____________/ Figure 3

Check the power input and be sure that the power process of the arc is free from the input source. (I think he means no direct short) There will be no power consumption increase despite the powerful arc, which is sufficient to heat up the screwdriver.


The next version of the experiment is possible if you have a single-polarity potential at the end of the wire for a pulsed current transformer. You will note that with a positive potential on one wire the arc is more powerful than for the other wire. This difference is not demonstrated using an AC transformer. Both ends of an AC coil can be used for creation of the arc. This difference will show the nature of this type of free power arc. Positive potential on the wire will provide for the attraction of free electrons from the metal of the screw-driver. It is not the current of conductivity that you are witnessing, but the DISPLACEMENT CURRENT. 

Application of the above effect into a useful form can be made like the well known Avramenko-Zaev-Lisin experiments [7]. 

The scheme is 

Figure 4 


I L1 I VD1 I /\ /\ /\ I ____|/|_____ \/ \/ \/ \/ I |\| I ================== A I _I_ _/\ /\ /\ /\____________I I I \/ \/ \/ I I I R (load) L2 I I_ _I I____|\|_____I |/| VD2 Figure 4

The alternating potential as measured at point A is sufficient to establish a current of conductivity in the closed circuit of VD1-VD2-R. This diode pair configuration is called 'Avramenko's plug'. I used for this scheme a 30 VAC hand-made generator (variable oscillator) to supply the input for L1, at a frequency of 10 KHz. The transformer was rated at 30/3000 Volts and the diodes rated at 1.5 KV.


The ammeter can be used as load R. Note that an ammeter placed between the transformer and point A does not show any current drain. CONCLUSIONS These circuits have experimentally proved the possibility of producing power in a load by means of POTENTIAL ONLY! Using a similar approach, mechanical motion, rotation and even a propulsion force can be created. So, free energetics can be formulated as the transformation of potential into power or Energy-Power Transformation. Since the power is a process, the question is the parameters of the process only. Alexander V. Frolov REFERENCES 1. Speculations in Science and Technology, Vol.13, Number 4, 1990, p.249, Donald Kelly, A Review of the Free-Energy Scenario. 2. EFE-Denver Report, p.94-B22-02, Vacuum Energy Developments, Andrew Michrowski, Published by Planetary Association for Clean Energy, Inc., 100 Bronson Av., Suite 1001, Ottawa, Ontario K1R 6G8, Canada. Order by email 3. A.V. Chernetsky, About physical nature for bioenergy, Moscow, 1989, in Russian. 4.


Newsletter of Space Energy Association, Vol.2 p.3 Published by SEA/US, P.O.Box 11422, Clearwater, FL 34616, USA. 5. Dr. Patrick G. Bailey, Proceeding of Denver'94 Conference, "Other voices: A Summary of Research not Present. Re: Paul Baumann's Methernitha Free-Energy Machine. Institute for New Energy email address: 6. The single-wire electric power transmission, A.V. Frolov, published by New Energy News, December 1994, p.13-14. P.O.Box 58639, Salt Lake City, UT 84158-8639, USA. Email 7. N.E.Zaev, S.V.Avramenko, V.N.Lisin, "The measuring of Conduction Current that is stimulated by Polarization current, Journal of Russian Physical Society, No.2'1991, in Russian. 

Vanguard Note... If what this paper purports is true, then Bearden is correct in his theory that potential alone can drive a useable load. Many people have had problems with this claim, including me, because every power appliance we use requires current and not just potential (voltage). From my admittedly limited understanding of the matter, any energy can be 'translated' into a scalar form, which can be thought of as a stress soliton (bubble) in space, rather hyperspace.


That soliton can simply exist in one location, can be 'thrown' like a ball, or sequentially streamed in a wavetrain to a given location where a receiver captures the solitons and translates them back into 3space. The nature of the energy sent using this method can be totally different from the nature of the energy received. Once translated to the 'base medium' of a scalar bubble (soliton), it can be re-translated from hyperspace to 3space in a form which is determined by the receiver characteristics. For instance, you could use magnetic energy to create the stress wave, send it to a receiver and re-translate it back into 3space IN THE FORM of light, electrical current, sound, heat, physical vibration, whatever you choose.


To quote from an old book 'Light, when properly resisted, can be made to yield sound', from 'Dweller on Two Planets', available for about $18 from Health Research, PO BOX 70, Mokelumne Hill, CA 95245. Ask for one of their superb catalogs. It is interesting to note the work of Hooper, who used a moebius form to produce what he called a 'motional field', a PURE ELECTRIC FIELD or wave if streamed in a wavetrain. Would not a pure electric field be pure potential? Such a signal is INVISIBLE to matter and normal instrumentation, therefore can be transmitted vast distances without loss of energy by inductive, capacitive or resistive sapping. I think there is a distinct possibility that a pure motional (electric) field is in fact, a scalar stress bubble! Our friend Peter Kelly, of Georgia, also indicates this by claiming 'information as energy' where the signature of a mass is held in a pure electric field.


To alter (transmute) a mass, you must suppress the magnetic to allow access to the electric. Once the changes have been made in the electric field, you restore the magnetic and the mass slowly transmutes to fit its new pattern. So, the potential which Frolov refers to, is probably a pure electric field which is 'translated' from its hyperspace form to CURRENT. Over the past couple of years, I have been toying with the idea that electricity is nothing more than a resistance to the flow of magnetic force and that electricity simply would not exist without resistance to its flow. But that's another tall tale.....have fun and please share your findings should you decide to experiment in this area!...............................thanks...>>> Jerry


"Application of Ether Longitudinal Waves
for Telecommunication Systems"

Alexander V. Frolov 

Scientific Expert of the Russian Physical Society
P.O.Box 37, 193024, St.-Petersburg, Russia
Tel: 7-812-2747877

By the ether concept, space is a physical substance that has a known (electric constant e and magnet constant m) and unknow, as of yet, properties. In any substance can be created so called longitudinal waves. In a general case, these are oscillations of the energy density in the direction of the wave spreading. In Alexander Chernetsky's paper


"On the Physical Nature of Bioenergy Phenomenons and on their modeling", published in 1989, is described the properties of longitudinal waves which are created in so called "working bodies" (superconducting metal, plasma (electric discharge) and biological plasma).


The theory of 1960, named as the "charge equivalent theory" was proposed by V.I.Dokutchaev, Russia (1932 - 1990). Relative motion of charges, according to Lorentz scale transformations, make the change of distance between charges of a moving frame of reference equivalent to an increase in charge density of the current. In a moving system there is created an additional equivalent charge:

q = (q0 / 2) (u2 / C) by Dokutchaev

where q0 is the charge in a motionless system, u is the velocity of the system and c is the velocity of light. Dokutchaev's dissertation of 1970 described some experiments: superconductors were placed in an electromagnetically screened box (Faraday cage) but some signal was detected outside of the box when current was created in superconductor.


The main conclusion is: longitudinal waves can be created in space (in vacuum) by means of electric energy and such sort waves is not screened by metal screens. Alexander Chernetsky also described some experiments in which longitudinal waves were created. In his version "the working body" is an electric discharge.


There is a known pinch - effect (interaction between the electric current and magnetic field of this current) that leads to high frequency oscillations of the plasma. Radial components of the density current oscillations is responsible for longitudinal waves which are spreading in radial direction also [ 1 ]. More than 60 years ago Nikola Tesla wrote: " I showed that the universal medium is a gaseous body in which only longitudinal pulses can be propagated, involving alternating compressions and expansions similar to those produced by sound waves in the air. Thus, a wireless transmitter does not produce Hertz waves, which are a myth, but sound waves in the ether, behaving in every respect like those in the air, except that, owing to the great elastic force and extremely small density of the medium, their speed is that of light." It is part of N.Tesla's article "Pioneer Radio Engineer Gives Views on Power", published in New York Herald Tribune, Sept. 11, 1932, [ 2, p.94]. American scientist Thomas E. Bearden explained this statement of Tesla in this way: An ordinary receiver uses so called "precessia of electrons" a phenomenon that is result of interaction between the electron gas of antenna metal wires and longitudinal waves [ 2 ]. Tesla wrote about a great mistake of modern science:


"The Hertz wave theory of wireless transmission may be kept up for a while, but I do not hestitate to say that in a short time it will recognized as one of most remarkable and inexplicable aberrations of the scientific mind which has ever been recorded in history", article "The True Wireless" [ 2, p.95 ]. The technology of Tesla requires high potential sources (up to millions of Volts) that produce high frequency oscillations. The terminals that creates the longitudinal waves are spherical metal surfaces (sphere capacitor). The synthesis of Tesla's scheme and Dokutchaev's concept allows us to make the conclusion: longitudinal waves are generated by means of a changing energy density (electric charge density). Let's call it the function r(t). In a Hertz transmitter there is a changing energy density also, but it is linear density r1(t): the density of electric current in the wire of the antenna. It is a one-dimensional density of energy. In Tesla's sphere capacitor there is a change of charge value that is placed on the surface of the capacitor. So, it is a two-dimensional density of energy r2(t). N.Kozyrev [ 3 ] created so called "waves of density of time" by means of non-electrical methods: rotation plus axial vibrations of a gyroscope, deformation of a material body, diffusion and dissolving or crystallization of the matter, fading of plants and so on.


Different detectors for such sort waves were used: the electrical component of the was were detected by means of a galvanometer, the gravitational component of the wave was detected by means of the weighing-machine, the chronal component of the wave was detected by means of an electronic scheme that used so called "Winston bridge" since electrical properties of the electronics components are changing in the wave area. These three methods showed the next: any type of change of matter structure that can be presented as r(t) (i.e. a change of density of energy) is the method for generation of the longitudinal wave. For example, if it is a change of volume density of matter, we can write the three-dimensional density function r3(t). It is connected with the well-known Poisson equation for gravitation.


There are more complex methods for longitudinal wave creation. R. Ziolkovsky, Physical Review A, vol.39, p.2005, wrote in the paper "Localized Transmission of Electromagnetic Energy" about his experiments. Before the electromagnetic version, R. Ziolkovsky created an analogy in liquid to study the properties of wave and to create an optimum antenna system. What method of the energy density modulation is the best for telecommunication systems? Some experiments prove the possibility that living biosystem create longitudinal waves [ 1 , p. 50 ]. By this analogy there is the possibility for creation of a technical system.


References: 1. Alexander Chernetsky, "On The Physical Nature of Bioenergy Phenomenons and on Their Modeling", published in 1989 by Moscow Politechnical Institute. 2. T.E. Bearden, Gravitobiology, 1991, published by Tesla Book Company, P.O. Box 
121873, Chula Vista, CA 91912, USA. 3. N.Kozyrev, collection of papers, published by Leningrad University, 1991.

Work of Potential Field to ..

A. Frolov

STINET (Scientific Technical Information Network) -- the Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC)

Accession Number : AD0643932

Title :   




Personal Author(s) : 


Kozlov, O. V. ; Skoblo, Yu. A. ; Chernetskii, A. V.

Report Date : 29 AUG 1966

Abstract : The article introduces the results of work on sources with uninterrupted and pulsed regimes. Special attention is devoted to obtaining a well focused ion bundle and significant densities of the ion flux on a collector that is some distance (from several tens of centimeters to several meters) from the source. The source was used for probing the plasma with beams of fast particles. (Author)


Chapter 6 -- “Theory of Harvest” 


Prof . V. M. Kovalev


Controlling the live organisms and systems while using the low energy factors 

...In our investigations for increasing the functional activeness of plants, the quantum resonance radiator was used (Kovalev, Kalashnikov, Belov, 1998). The the field generated by the hydrogen gas discharging generator (HGG) has definite energy informational characteristics (power, frequency, periodicity and duration of radiation, wavelength), the change in the parameters of which ensures the address ness of its action and optimization of physiological biochemical processes considering the genetic features of the organism. The power of HGG flow onto the object constitutes - 0.5 – 1.5 W/m 2 in the field of invisible radiation with maximum 200 – 300 hm and frequency of waves from 10 to 100 MHz.

This electrophysical generator of action (patent of Russian Federation: No 2033200 dt 28.07.94, No 2045881 dt 28.11.94, No 2057552 dt 19.04.95) presents an electron block, the purpose of which is the creation and maintenance of plasma of high frequency arc discharge (effect, invented by A. V. Chernetskii, 1989) in the mode of oscillatory arc discharge in hydrogen plasma, leading to the creation of electric field of larger intensities, directed perpendicular to the axis of discharge.


The discharge is realized inside the ceramic bottle of cylindrical shape (discharge lamp). The acting factor, leading to the increase in the functional active ness of live organisms, shall be the signal of special form (SSF)*, which is translated with the help of informational – acting complex, presented as a device on the base of a LAPTOP type computer with original soft ware. The device has the provision of recording system and transfer of primary action of generator in time and space. The form, orientation and properties of reproduced space of primary action – such as, of initial field.


Plasma Acceleration in Nonuniform Magnetic Fields


Chernetskii, A. V.


 ( Aviatsionnaia Tekhnika, vol. 19, no. 3, 1976, p. 110-114.) Soviet Aeronautics, vol. 19, no. 3, 1976, p. 81-84. Translation.

Publication Date: 00/1976
Bibliographic Code: 1976AvTek..19R.110C

See also re: Correa --


Atlantis Rising ( June 2002 )




... A focus on the East must include the late Professor Aleksandr Chernetskii of Moscow. He developed a plasma generator said to convert vacuum energy into electricity. A press release at the time quoted Chernetskii as saying experiments with different circuits proved that the energy output was always greater than the input. The mysterious effect was called the self-generating discharge. One experiment with a powerful plasma unit burned out the huge megawatt electrical substation of the Moscow Aviation Institute. The discharge had reached a critical point in which superstrong current flowed from the generator and back into wires to the substation. In an experiment with an input of 700 watts, the generator produced nearly five times as much. 



Reprinted with permission from June 2002 Atlantic Rising

The two Russian scientists were in for a surprise when they set up their experiment in a high-ceilinged concrete laboratory. They had built a meter-wide energy converter whose rotating part carried magnetic rollers similar to those built by John Searl, a British inventor. They wanted to test Searl’s claims to have had a flying disc and a generator that converted energy from surrounding space into electricity. With a special non-magnetic platform underneath, the Russians’ total apparatus weighed 350 kilograms.









When they sped the rotor up to 200 revolutions-per-minute (rpm), instruments showed the platform rising slightly on its vertical slides. Weight loss! At 550 rpm the ampmeter in the motor circuit showed zero current being consumed. Using clutches, they disconnected the motor and connected the generator to the converter’s shaft. After the shaft reached a critical speed of 550 rpm, the rotor accelerated sharply. The machine was running itself! It didn’t slow down until they connected the first of ten kilowatt-heating-units as a load.

The strangeness escalated. In an experiment in the dark, they saw a donut-shaped pink-and-blue light around the machine and smelled ozone from ionization of the air. A wavy pattern corresponding to the surface of the rollers was superimposed on the corona. Zones of yellowish-white light appeared, but there were none of the crackling sounds that usually accompany electrical arc discharges.

When the machine was consuming the most power, seven kilowatts, the anomalous weight loss of the platform and its load reached 35 per cent. Was the heavy machine slowly levitating? Further they were astounded to feel a cooling of the surrounding air. Concentric rings of cooled air alternated with normal temperatures. When they tested the surrounding air with sensors, they found rings of “magnetic walls” interspersed with rings of ordinary air rippling outward like waves in a pond, to fifteen meters from their experiment without lessening. Not even Searl had reported measuring such walls.

I met the two, Vladimir Roshchin and Sergei Godin, in Switzerland last year. They were still based at the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow, but had lost their funding and lost possession of the large prototype of their patented energy converter used in that 1993 experiment. Roshchin and Godin later built a smaller version which didn’t lose weight or run itself. That disappointment taught them that size is important in getting the effects, including the magnetic and cool-air encircling “walls”. No existing mainstream physics theories can explain all of the strange effects. This paves the way for new science.

Dr. Anatoli Rykov, chief of an Engineering Seismology lab in Moscow, reported in Alexander Frolov’s magazine New Energy Technologies ( that the Godin-Roschin unit rotated the six-kilowatt-output electrical generator for fifteen minutes without using any electrical input. Rykov theorizes that the weight loss comes when the aether is deformed locally opposite to gravity, by the direction of the rotor’s spinning. Roshchin and Godin did find that effects reversed when they reversed direction of the rotor. Rykov concluded “Wide abilities of ether to produce non-limited energy and to travel in space without inertia are open now.”

This year Roshchin and Godin were scheduled to speak at a meeting in Germany, but a source said they have an investor who doesn’t want them to reveal any more research details. Godin and Roshchin earlier tried to interest the American government. Tom Valone ( helped them get in the door at the Department of Energy in January, 2001. A memorandum of agreement resulted, but it appears that no government research was funded.

Valone told the June, 2002, Second Berlin Conference for Innovative Energy Technologies that his institute is trying to inform Washington DC legislators and is organizing a science-and-ethics public forum in November. Although he and other speakers at the European conferences are North Americans, this article will mainly look abroad. Scientists in the former Soviet Union have little money but somehow do cutting-edge research.

Dr. Philipp Kanarev, chairman of Kuban State Agrarian University’s department of theoretical mechanics, Krasnodar, Russia, developed a method of water plasma electrolysis that he sees as the best way to get cheap hydrogen from water. He tells why his 1987 report on it didn’t reach news media nor the open literature about patents. Since his device was developed “at the enterprise of the military industrial complex”, his certificate of invention was stamped “for service use only” and its content was not published openly.

At that time, the focus was on purifying and disinfecting water with the help of the plasma in his reactor. Two years later Drs. Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann announced they had excess energy output during a type of electrolysis. This renewed research efforts behind the former Iron Curtain as well as in the West. In 1996 one of Kanarev’s co-authors on the 1987 certificate published results on the excess energy output from the plasma process. The next year they applied for a patent. Then a full group of Russian scientists tested the device and documented its output. Technical people can read more about Kanarev’s theory in his books, such as Crisis of Theoretical Physics. Results of the plasma-electrolytic experiments were predicted by the theory.

The bottom line for us non-techies is that hydrogen can compete with fossil fuels as an energy carrier. Previously, existing methods of getting hydrogen from water required more power than is produced when hydrogen is burned. Kanarev says it is possible to get ten times more energy output than input, and he calculates that ideally more than 1,500 ampere-hours of electrical energy could be produced from each litre of water. Engineering the lab models into industrial models has been delayed by lack of money, he said this year. He was apparently too wrapped up in his research to attend this year’s Berlin conference, but sent a paper.

Hal Fox of Utah has interviewed scientists in the former Soviet Union. He points out that the high-density charge cluster (HDCC) phenomenon first discovered by Ken Shoulders was also independently found by several others. When the process is refined into a reliable product, HDCCs may be used to harness 30 times more energy than is pulsed into the devices. Fox said his Emerging Energy Marketing Firm is promised enough funding to develop such technologies. They can be used to transmute both liquid and solid high-level radioactive wastes into safer substances. Shoulders received the US patent for HDCC methods, and later Alexander Ilyanok in Belarus and Russian scientists Mesyatsand Baraboshkin also discovered charge clusters.

At the Berlin meeting Fox reported another patented Soviet-based invention. A.I. Koldomasov’s device piezo-electrically vibrates a mix of waters through a special dielectric material to produce heat energy in more abundance than the energy which powers the oscillator. The device is reported to put out 40 kilowatts of heat energy with only two kilowatts of electrical input. Last year Dr. Josef Gruber described a visit to the research institute where Koldomasov is managing engineer. Koldomasov discovered the new energy source while observing cavitation – implosions in water such as found in “water hammer” in pipes. Gruber showed a photograph of the small device, filled with pure water mixed with only one per cent deuterium (heavy water). Although there are no spark plugs or similar equipment, electrical discharge could be seen. Energy comes out in the form of both heat and electrical current. “Depending on kind and location of the magnets, DC or AC (electricity) may be observed.” Gruber said testing revealed 2000 per cent excess energy.

Don’t more-output-than-input machines violate a law of physics? A few speakers said that “law” is invalid if a machine releases trapped potential energy from nature in previously-unrecognized ways. They cited zero-point fluctuations of the vacuum of space, vacuum spin or aether as the source of excess energy. The word “aether” is loaded with baggage from the nineteenth century, when aether was thought to be a static substance filling all space, just sitting there. In contrast, a new understanding is of a non-material dynamic primary background out of which the material world is created. This aether is seen as being incredibly dense with energy in constant motion.

Dr. Harold Aspden from England ( is both a theoretical physicist and practical. In 1972 he was 30 years ahead of his time with his book Modern Aether Science. As patent director of IBM Europe and then a professor of electrical engineering, he could have taken the easy route of accepting consensus science. But he instead came up with a physical theory that applies to new energy technologies including magnetic motors and plasma discharges.

At the Berlin meeting Aspden gave a strong hint to experimenters who are looking for a way to gain energy from the aether’s spin: try pulsing at least 25 kilovolts of electricity at frequencies of around 100 kilohertz (100,000 pulses per second) into concentric cylindrical capacitors (arrangements for storing electrical charge). This suggestion came from analyzing what is known about successful inventions including the Radiant Energy device of the late T. H. Moray of Utah. From his knowledge of new physics Aspden concluded the inventions had features in common. As far back as 1871, American inventor Daniel McFarland Cook received US Patent 119,825 on a device which illustrates Aspden’s suggestion. The free-electricity converter at the Methernitha community in Switzerland included cylindrical capacitors. When inviting the aether into an electrical generator, apparently shape is important.

Aspden’s talk led up to the presentation of Dr. Paulo and Alexandra Correa ( Their outstanding work will be a future topic in this magazine. For now, we’ll quote Dr. Eugene Mallove. “There is now a verified, meticulously documented technology that is able to produce more electricity out than is input by the reactor.” He says the Pulsed Abnormal Glow Discharge device of the Correas at Labofex in Canada, is “well on its way to commercialization for electric power generation in vehicles and in homes. It looks solidly protected by US and by foreign patent coverage….The ultimate origin of the energy may well be the vacuum energy of space…”

A focus on the East must include the late Professor Aleksandr Chernetskii of Moscow. He developed a plasma generator said to convert vacuum energy into electricity. A press release at the time quoted Chernetskii as saying experiments with different circuits proved that the energy output was always greater than the input. The mysterious effect was called the self-generating discharge. One experiment with a powerful plasma unit burned out the huge megawatt electrical substation of the Moscow Aviation Institute. The discharge had reached a critical point in which superstrong current flowed from the generator and back into wires to the substation. In an experiment with an input of 700 watts, the generator produced nearly five times as much.

Oleg V. Gritskevitch is a physicist who has patented variations of an electrostatic generator-converter. He says his device makes electric power without any fuel consumption and is nearly ideal for large-scale electrical generators. Frolov’s magazine highlights the claim that a prototype in Armenia has been producing more than 1,500 kilowatts of power for several years.

Gritskevitch worked in the USSR Academy of Sciences but became an independent inventor in 1985. He has more than 70 inventions, ranging from a non-mechanical marine engine to “electrohydraulic” refrigerators. Frolov says today Gritskevitch and fellow scientist S.A. Lisnyak are working on their new “vortex power system”, the Vortex Tube which Griskevitch says directly creates excessive electrical energy by using the insulating properties of pure water during vortex rotation.

Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958) of Austria told the world about vortex power. At the Berlin conference Jorg Schauberger spoke about his grandfather’s revolutionary ideas about how nature works and how the natural order is damaged by human habits of moving things the wrong way. He said we can restore ecosystems by implosion technology and produce ample amounts of power silently with no damage to ecosystems, by using inward-spiralling motions. Proponents of this harmony-with-nature approach manned a booth near the entrance to the Berlin symposium, where Schauberger and associates such as editor of Implosion journal Klaus Rauber and William Baumgartner ( educated visitors from the nearby Solar Energy 2002 fair.

Zlatko Loncar, nicknamed “Shad”, wanted to demonstrate one of his experiments – molecular dissociation of diesel fuel – to prove that his process runs without electricity. Organizers of the conference, however, declined to take that risk indoors. His presentation to the Berlin meeting ( focused on two ways to take apart water molecules: with a combination of pulsed current and “magnetic resonance”, and secondly with his “Neutrino Diffusor” which somehow works without electrical current to convert diesel into gas. He changes its efficiency by putting layers of organic and inorganic materials around the Diffusor, to prove that what the late Dr. Wilhelm Reich called “orgone” energy has an effect. During his presentation he ignited gas from a water-filled bubbler to prove the bubbles are burnable and not mere air. That’s all I could understand, since his speech was in German.

A planetary citizen, Loncar was born to Communism-suppressed Slovenian nobility in 1964, spent his childhood in Switzerland and now lives in Croatia. His passion for alternative science began before he was ten years of age, and Nikola Tesla was his idol. Since Loncar found nothing about aether in established science, he turned to philosophy. Atlantis Rising readers will be interested to hear from Loncar that Tesla received many of his ideas about atoms and aether from the 5,000-year-old Vedantic knowledge.

As with many energy researchers, Shad’s findings are on the internet. Circuits are connecting in the global brain. Professor of economics Dr. Josef Gruber said in Berlin, “Humankind can reach a sustainable economy worldwide. Cooperation is the secret of success.”


Jeane Manning was invited to speak at a session for the public after the Berlin technical conference and also presented at last year’s meeting in Weinfelden, Switzerland.

“Chapter 6 “Theory of harvest” Prof .Kovalev V. M


Introductory situations

The achievement of selections and intensification of technologies in a number of economically developed countries determine the advanced high level of crop yield of agriculture cultures (for example, grain – 44 – 63 quintals per hectare). The growth of production of products in the world shall be realized even further on the base of the same factors, first of all, owing to the intensification of farming in the developing countries. However, if we have to base only on the principles of modern technologies, scarcely it is possible to hope on getting in future more higher increments in the crop yield, than in 60 – 70's of the 20 th century.

In XXI century it is possible to hope for getting in future higher increments of crop yield, than in 60 – 70's of the 20 th century. 

In XXI century, it is necessary to also consider the unfavourable effect of such factors, as the globally developing energetic crisis and change of climate in world, which shall be accompanied by the increase in the level of action of stresses on the living organisms. In these conditions, so as to ensure the required growth rate of agricultural products, transfer of the technology of germination of cultures of qualitatively new level is possible. The world practice proves about the necessity of transfer to the so called “biologization” of technologies, providing maximum matching of them with biological requirements of cultures, to the strategy of integrated usage of genetic, soil – climatic and technogenic factors. In such integrated technologies, the biological investigations acquire still more significance than in the past, which are directed on the selection of improvement of agricultural plants. If presently the addition in the crop due to selection and seed study is estimated around 20%, then in the perspectives, as per the forecast of scientists, it attains 50% and more. 

In turn, by using the traditional technologies for one of the important directions in the biology and plant science comes out the development and application of methods of cellular and gene engineering, and also the activators of metabolism – low energetic factors (physiologically active substances and weak physical radiations – untraditional physical field) for increasing the efficiency of usage of vegetation organisms of energy flows and substance. 

In the evaluation of experts of USA and some other countries, the growth of production of agricultural production in the world shall be determined, first of all, by the level of development and usage of two types of scientific technologies: bio technology and informational technologies. The later includes the computer technology and transmission into organism of genetic information (connection with bio technologies) (Gleba, 1997; Kovalev, 1997; James, 1997). 

The increase in the specific weight of the computer technologies in the farming ensures more effective usage of genetic, soil – climatic and material resources considering the growth of fruit bearing fields and protection of environment. These problems were considered in detail in chapters 4 and 5. The investigators had significant interest in selection for validation and building of models of idiotypes of agricultural cultures. In future, apparently, significant part of operation in selection and bio technological programs shall consist of the developments of purposeful models and collection of materials for mathematical simulation (Frans, Tornli, 1987; polyectov, 1991; Kumakov, 1985, 1995; Batigin, 1995).

The development of new bio technological methods for improving plants (genetic, chromosomes, cellular engineering) in combination with the modernized methods of classical selection opens wider perspectives for purposeful changes of agricultural cultures and increase in their stability, productivity and quality. The information about the condition of these operations in Russia and world are given in chapter 3. 

More significant practical results in using the above mentioned new technologies were attained in USA, where from the start of mass production of personnal computers by automatised sources of information practically whole field has been occupied. In this country, the areas under the transgenic plants (cotton plants, tobacco, sorghum, corn, tomato, potato, rice, wheat) have constituted in 1998. 10 million hectares (in the world 32 million hectares (Gleba, 1997; Frans, Tornli, 1987; James, 1997). 

Figure 6.1 gives in the overall view the forecast of development and purpose ful usage of transgenic plants in the world for period till the year 2010. it is assumed that along with the creation of transgenic agricultural plants with useful features shall also be obtained their new types with the improved food qualities, and also for the production of medicines and possibly, the replacement of polymers on the basis of petroleum with vegetation polymers.
Fig. 6.1. Forecast of development and purposeful usage of transgenic plants in the future decade (as per Fraley, 1994) 

6.2 Controlling the live organisms and systems while using the low energy factors 

The main feature of live organisms is the fact, that they are open systems, enabling them to be exchanged with surrounding energy, substance and information (Vernadskii, 1994, Engelhardt, 1984, Sventitskii, 2001). Schematically this is presented on fig. 6.2. 

The live cell is subjected to second law of thermodynamics, where the entropy continuously grows and takes place a “disorder” of structure. However, the feature of live system compared to the non-living is the minimum rate of growth of entropy in them. The ability of cells to preserve their structure is ensured owing to continuous consumption of energy. The exchange of information takes place through the reception of signals by the cells from the external exciters. The excitation forming in the cell leads to the change in its functional activeness. The sell sends the signals into surrounding about the occurring changes.

Fig. 6.2. Model schematic of exchange in vegetation cells with the media through energy, substance and information 

(as per Tretyakov and Karnaukhova, 1998)

Electrical pulses, similar to nervous splashes of human being and animals, were experimentally registered in the plants by I.I. Gunar et al (1953, 1970). The authors assume, that the signals from the external medium are transferred into the center, where after their processing a response reaction is prepared.

We studied the regulatory system of plant in detail in chapter 2. It is added from genetic apparatus, fermentative systems, phytohormones, cellular membranes, intercellular bonds, ions and biological clocks. These systems have high sensitivity (“irritation ability”) to the chemical and physical actions as a result of non covalent weak bonds (hydrogen, water repellant, electrostatic), forming secondary, tertiary and quarterly conformations of albumens, nucleon acids, nucleoproteids, their complexes with lipids, hydrocarbons, ions and phytohormones. The weak bonds take part in the organizations and functioning of cellular membranes, organelle and ferment systems (Polevoi, 1989; Tretyakov, 1998; Babayev, Chirkova, 1985).

The system of hormonal regulation in many ways determines the character of important physiological processes of plants. The regulation of these processes with hormones or their synthetic analogues is highly specific and cannot be replaced with such traditional technological factors for the action on growth of plants, as mineral fertilizer, sprinkling. Now, it was already detected and studied, in one and the same degree, more than 5 thousand chemical compounds, microbiological and of vegetation origin, having regulatory action. Out of them in world practice, around 1% are used. Coming out on the stage of practical application in agriculture, the compounds of third generation, hectare dosages of which are calculated in milligrams.

Stimulation of physiological processes under the action of regulators of growth of plants appears, as a rule, under insufficient in them of corresponding phyto hormones, by the method of balanced hormonal status of the organisms. That's why it was considered, that in practice, the chemical regulations are absent for the substances, controlled simultaneously by all stages of ontogenesis. (Kefeli, 1989).

Along with it, in a number of investigations of last years, it was established, that some phyto regulators call for non-stimulating process, and its induction, which was not observed during their absence (Mokronosov, 1978; Kulayev, 1987; Rapoport,1989; Ozeretskovskaya et al, 1994; Kovalev, 1997; Tarchevskii, Grechkin, 1998, Vanyushin et al, 1997). As a result, there occurs an expression of corresponding genes, which can be accompanied by the appearance of new fermented augments. This is a larger degree, apparently, for compounds of new generation (arachidonic acid, oligo-saccharides, epibrassinolide, chytozan, emistim), showing activeness already in extreme lower concentrations (10~ 12 -10~ 7 ). In this case there is no chemical molecule, but only its informational mark, inscribed in the structure of water. Thus, acts not the substance itself, but the information left by it.

In our investigations (Kovalev, 1995) and the works conducted simultaneously at the institute of biophysics for cells and institute of problems for transferring information RAS (Kozokar and others, 1995), it has been shown, that the increase in the intercellular concentrations of endogenic hormones is possible under the following physical factors : weak electromagnetic radiations of definite frequencies, electric pulses and ultraviolet light on the molecules of DNK, RNK, receptors, membranes, cellular energetics of mytochondrium and chloroplasts. A. V. Gvazdyuk (2001) has shown the role of weak illumination (5 W/m 2 ), elongating the light day, as an inductor of path of accumulation of biomass at 10-hour period of intensive illumination of plants Zea mayg L.

The well-known form of living substance in the cell – albuminous-nucein is not the only one. There are still field forms. The radiation, taking place in the chemical machine of cell, is known as biofield (Kaznachev, 1999).

The control over the vegetation organism by the method of addressed action by the signals of chemical nature and untraditional physical fields of definite structure and property in essence relate to the category of informational technologies. The high effective effect of extreme lower concentrations of chemical substances (hormones and hormone similar compounds) and super weak radiations are linked with the inductions of physiological biochemical processes, stipulating the phenotypic activation of productivity and stability of plants.

Still even Ch. Darwin has noted (as per Gunar, 1953) the presence of supersensitive mechanisms in the live organisms. He showed, for example, that the tendrils on the glandules of plants have finest and to a higher degree differential sensitivity. By receiving such stimulations from almost the unweighable thread (0.00025 mg), the sensitive organs did not react on the shocks of water drops and on the strong water jet. Similar fine differential sensitivity of sundew feeler was detected by them for the action of insignificant quantity (thousandth and even millionth fraction of mg) of chemical stimulators.

It is well-known, that the inter- and intramolecular systems for the regulation of processes function in the interaction, which was organized in the form of regulatory contours. One of the functions of these contours shall be the reception of primary signals by the receivers (hormones, elicitors, physical factor) and their conversion into signals of second order, inducing the expression of genes and activation of physiological-biochemical processes. As per the data of modern investigators, the lipoxygenase system relates to the number of such signal systems: receptors of plasmalems, lipase, lipoxygenase, pyroxygenase, liase, allenoxydsyntaze, allenoxyd cyclaze). Several autocatalytic reactions take part in the process of functioning of lipoxygenaze metabolitic stage, which are capable to significantly amplify the initial weak signal (Tarchevskii, Grechkin, 1998).

It is assumed, that the velocity of inducing physiological biochemical processes during the action of physical fields on the organism by several orders exceeds it compared to the transmission of signals of induction by the chemical molecules by biochemical method (Nefedov et al. 1995).

As a result of conducted multiplanned physical investigations during the recent times, several tens of different methods of physical factors on the seeds and plants were proposed for practice for activation of biological processes and increasing the crop yield. They are based on the fact, that the larger part of physiological processes, taking place in live organism, are accompanied by electromagnetic effects. Constant component of electromagnetic oscillations in the vegetative organism shall be bioelectric potentials, which are generated in the process of life activity and reflect its physiological condition.

The investigations of P.P. Garyaeva (1994) showed, that the chromosomes radiate light in the visible range. With the help of light, reflected multiply from the membranes, the nuclear control the processes of life activity of cells. Later the light goes out beyond its limits and transfers the information to other cells. By receiving the light, the chromosomes control their life system. Thus, the live organisms and their cells shall be generators of energy and at the same time – numerous receivers of radiations.

By acting with different physical radiations on the bioelectromagnetic parameters of vegetative organism, it is possible to control the vital functions of cells. (Prishep et al, 1982; Sechnyak et al, 1984; Strona, 1984). The given factors have common mechanism of action – activation of electron complex of molecules, their ionization, formation of free radicals etc. This leads to increase in the activeness of biochemical reactions, fermentive systems and to change of metabolism of plants (Batigin et al. 1987; Serebrennikov, 1986; Stanko, 1997).

In connection with the fact, that the positive effect while using most of the recommended for practice physical factors can be obtained only at lower dosages of actions (in case of increase in the dosages it is inevitable to suppress the growing processes and reduction in the productiveness), application of them on the given stage requires larger cautiousness. This is complicated by still insufficient study of the mechanism of action of physical methods, and positive results during their usage in most of the cases were obtained purely empirically. The answer to this action even for one factor can be different depending on its nature, dosage, exposition, physiological condition and genotypical features of organism. That's why during experimental and production checking of the action of physical factors the positive results are not always reproduced. Practical usage of one or other physical methods in significant measure depends also on their technological ability.

In perspectives, as per the study of these problems, more wider usage of physical factors is forecasted for controlling the production process (Moiseyev et al. 1998). This stipulates, in turn, the necessity to carry out a purposeful search and selection of physiological features and in genetic plan soft or indifferent physical fields. 

Positive effect during the action on the vegetative organism of energo – informational field (EIF) is attained owing to the change in the rhythms. The presence of rhythms is detected in all. They are the determining base of not only life, but even all with out exclusion of effects (N. M. Ivanova, Yu. N. Ivanov, 1995). Informational component of EIF is determined by the frequency of oscillations, and energetic component – amplitude of oscillation.

In our investigations for increasing the functional activeness of plants, the quantum resonance radiator was used (Kovalev, Kalashnikov, Belov, 1998). The the field generated by the hydrogen gas discharging generator (HGG) has definite energy informational characteristics (power, frequency, periodicity and duration of radiation, wavelength), the change in the parameters of which ensures the address ness of its action and optimization of physiological biochemical processes considering the genetic features of the organism. The power of HGG flow onto the object constitutes - 0.5 – 1.5 W/m 2 in the field of invisible radiation with maximum 200 – 300 hm and frequency of waves from 10 to 100 MHz.

This electrophysical generator of action (patent of Russian Federation: No 2033200 dt 28.07.94, No 2045881 dt 28.11.94, No 2057552 dt 19.04.95) presents an electron block, the purpose of which is the creation and maintenance of plasma of high frequency arc discharge (effect, invented by A. V. Chernetskii, 1989) in the mode of oscillatory arc discharge in hydrogen plasma, leading to the creation of electric field of larger intensities, directed perpendicular to the axis of discharge. The discharge is realized inside the ceramic bottle of cylindrical shape (discharge lamp). The acting factor, leading to the increase in the functional active ness of live organisms, shall be the signal of special form (SSF)*, which is translated with the help of informational – acting complex, presented as a device on the base of a LAPTOP type computer with original soft ware. The device has the provision of recording system and transfer of primary action of generator in time and space. The form, orientation and properties of reproduced space of primary action – such as, of initial field.

Biophysical mechanism of action of spectrum of radiation of HGG on the organism can be considered deducing from the hypotheses of G. N. Petrakovitch (1992). According to this hypothesis, in the mitochondrias the process of biological oxidation does not accomplished by the formation of adeno-zintriphosphate (ATF), and creates the highfrequency electromagnetic field and ionized proton radiation, which constitutes energy saturated physical field of live cell. In this case almost the whole generated in the mitochordias energy is transferred into cell with a velocity and pulse, which exceeds by many orders “calm moving” chemical bond. The formation of such physical field in mitochondrias is stipulated by the fact, that on the surface of their internal membranes consist 10 3 —10 5 mushroom like breathing ansambles, each one of them includes full collection of oxidizing ferments, ATF and iron containing albumen-cytochrome (Alberts et al, 1987). The molecule of cytochrome consists of 4 atoms of iron bonded amongst themselves, where as each one of them is capable to change in reverse the valency Fe 2+ -><- Fe 3+ , that is to produce electronic exchange. In this reaction, the atom Fe 3+ easily accepts the electron in the atom of hydrogen, by converting the later into proton. The electron displacing with a very high velocity forms electric current with the formation of electromagnetic field around it with a frequency, determined by the distance between the closest atoms of iron.

Thus, in mitochondria every molecule of cytochrome is a point source of super high and extreme high frequency of radiation, which, following the rules of physics, instantaneously run into each other, get synchronized and gives the effect of bioresonance.

It is considered, that the internal field of biosystem and external physical field function in definite bioresonance (Geryaev. 1994; Nefedov et al, 1995; Ilyin, 1997). Physiological biochemical processes in the plants are realized rhythmically and interconnected. Their temporary integration in organism is realized by the system of mutually connected oscillations. In the case, when the frequency of acting radiation coincides with the frequency of field of organism, which for the different genotypes is individual, as a rule, observes improvement of all its important functions.

We have conducted investigations of action of spectrum of HGG on the functional activeness of intact plants and in the culture in vitro on the wheat, oats, flax, potato, stevia and other live organisms. The exposed clear type and graded sensitivity of plants for the action of factor.

Thus, the processing of aged blown plants of stevia (Stevia rabudiona Ber.) with the spectrum of HGG radiation for a period of 40 s (16 MHz) has significantly stimulated the growth of sprouts with simultaneously acquiring the normal morphology by them.