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Stanley Meyer Told the Truth 

Finally you in the right place to learn the correct terms of this unit.

A Plasma Pinch is a common item and technique in  Atomic Research.

Here you can find correct terms and  description of this device , 

This device can be used to make plasmoids and  pinch  ionised and bond gases.

Study and Study Hard. 

We can not the only way we join the this and discover thed the theory was from Joe Cell

his rather pure explanation gave us hints to way Stan was looking at and the fact Stan work at a nuclear  company gives us the tip.

Now you know this and the terms for it  there is a wealth of  knowledge decades to read on the subject.

The Coils in Stans Device are the Pinches and the  Z Ionization occurs on the tubes and the laser raising energy levels is from Stanley Meyer Stan Told the Truth.


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