Water Oil Separation System

Depending on the fuel mix and the type of engine the removal of water built up is very important as it creates a space with out oil.


So we try to avoid that with filters that have separators in them and centrifuge type filter to separate Oil and water that may form in sump or oil reservoir tank. 


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Centrifuge oil water seperations hydrogen fueling

How low is the moisture content in the centrifuged lube oil?

The moisture content in the lube oil from the disc stack centrifuge ranges from 500 ppm level to 1500 ppm or higher. Lower flow rates at higher temperatures produce dryer lube oil.

Do you have mobile lube oil centrifuge carts?

We have small lube oil centrifuges on mobile carts to move between turbine lube oil sumps in power plants.

What is the ideal processing temperature for lube oil centrifuge?

Steam turbine lube oil separates best at around 150 F for maximum dryness.


Alfa Laval MAB 103 Lube Oil Centrifuge

Manual-Cleaning æ Hi-Speed æ Disc Centrifuge

Technical Specs

Capacity: 3 GPM on Steam Turbine Lube Oil

Motor HP: 1 HP

Voltages: 230V / 460V

Skid Dim.: 3′ x 4′

Skid Wt.: ~ 1500 lbs

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