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Stanley A Meyer Single Test Cell Voltrol
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Hydrogen Hot Rod

Powered by   High Voltage, High Frequency nano pulses.

The WFC is a water capacitor and uses ORDINARY TAP WATER without any electrolyte...

Stanley A Meyer Single Test Cell Voltrol

January 25, 2013 - TESTS02E01 :

Following the TEST  about the production of HHO gas,

I have continued the tests with the Stanley Meyer's Water Fuel Cell (WFC).


The TEST has demonstrated that High Voltage Nano Pulses at High Frequency produced   accross an electrolysis cell are able to produce very quickly a great amount of HHO gas.


According to these encouraging tests, I have reconducted my experiments done about the Stanley Meyer's WFC from June 2008.


 I have replaced the VIC (Voltage Intensifier Circuit), a replication of the   Stanley A  Meyer's circuit,  with 100% positive results.



"I encourage all schools and builders to replicate and teach such technologies aggressively."

Stanley A Meyer Single Test Cell Voltrol

Notes : 

The use of pure osmosed water without electrolyte (not electrically conductible) is very important here, this has allowed to remove completly the HHO generation by electrolysis.


The WFC is a water capacitor, in this test it consumes too much current due to its impedance Vs the pulsed current.


During long duration tests (>6min) the WFC begins to heat up and thus, this confirms this fact. The effect discovered by Stanley Meyer seems really present here, because the pure osmosed water is split.

Stanley A Meyer Water Fuel Hot Rod.jpg

The High Voltage pulse sent by the induction  accross the WFC via the flat bifilar coil need to be optimized so as to reduce the current. I think that the WFC must be used as a capacitor in a resonant RLC type circuit like the Meyer's VIC original circuit..SEE  9XB  and    9XA Pages

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As shown by Equation #1, electromotive force, and hence the transfer of electrical energy can be achieved in two ways:


(1) by flux coupling,


(2) by parametric coupling.

Stanley A Meyer Single Test Cell Voltrol
Equation #1
Stanley A Meyer Single Test Cell Voltrol