Tuner Studio and Shadow Dash

Welcome to 2020 now we can see all data on our phones live and our tablets

< Stan would have never dreamed of such tools.

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Stanley A Meyer Voltrolysis
Stanley A Meyer Voltrolysis

1.  Tps gauge is a default gauge of tunerstudio. 
2.  Egr duty cycle can be modified off of the boost, idle or vvt outputs of the ecu

     and you would use their gauge in tunerstudio.
3.   The ecu is fully standalone and completely controls timing advance.

        from -30 to 180 degrees.
4.   You can either tap into the 0-5v tps return signal from the ecu,

       or you could use any of the ecu's outputs.


You can even modify the code on the board to run your own outputs on pins!

All of our code is open source so anyone with programming background can modify it

EFI Analytics Software Downloads

Written by Phil Tobin   

Sunday, 11 March 2018 00:00

Free with no nags! TunerStudio MS, the most most advanced and refined MegaSquirt Tuning software available.

Download The latest released version of MegaLogViewer

and TunerStudio MS below.

For beta Releases go to: Beta Download Site

If you need a Java Runtime, download one from:



For Windows XP, Vista, Windows7, Windows 8 & Windows 10

TunerStudio MS version 3.1.03(Approximately 76 MB)                                 download

alternate TunerStudio MS download site



MegaLogViewer MS Version 4.4.08 32 Bit (38MB MB)                                  download

MegaLogViewer MS Version 4.4.08 64Bit (40 MB)                                        download

alternate MegaLogViewer MS  download site


Learn More about MegaLogViewer HD

MegaLogViewer HD Version 4.4.08 32Bit (38MB MB)                                    download

MegaLogViewer HD Version 4.4.08 64Bit (40 MB)                                          download

alternate MegaLogViewer HD download site



TunerStudio and MegaLogViewer MS For Mac OS X 10.7+

TunerStudio MS version 3.0.01 (Approximately 111 MB)                             download

MegaLogViewer MS Version 4.1.05 (67 MB)                                                download

MegaLogViewer HD Version 4.1.05 (67 MB)                                                download


For Linux

TunerStudio MS version 3.1.03 (Approximately 51.2 MB)                           download *

MegaLogViewer MS Version 4.4.08(4.6 MB)                                                download

MegaLogViewer HD Version 4.4.04 (4.6 MB)                                               download




For Android

Shadow Dash MS v 1.6.10 (09/25/2018) download

Now with Auto Update so it will update itself.

To get the Shadow Dash Beta, see here



Shadow Logger MS - version 1.21                   download

Free, No Expiration,

most users will want to use Shadow Dash,

but Shadow Logger works on Android 2.1



* Linux is a tar files. You will need to extract them to a folder of your choice and start them using the .sh file.

** If you install the 64 bit version of MegaLogViewer, you must also have a 64 bit JRE installed.



Preview Release.

Check out the beta Releases at:

Beta Download Site