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Stanley A Meyer VIC Injector Bobbin
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Stanley Meyer's BIG BOBBIN


•12 Feb 2016

What is very interesting in this practical solution?

 1. Because here is no opposite-connected inductors, 
it is not necessary to "adjust accurately" the Resonant frequency. 

BIG BOBBIN not have "Resonant Scanning Circuit", not have "Pulse Pickup coil"
 like at VIC-Transformer. BIG BOBBIN work like standard

 "ATX Power supply Pulse Transformer" 
and only produce "Step-Charge effect".

 2. It seems that gas production is better, when the Voltage on the 
cell is in "both directions" - starting with a "Negative voltage" 
and ends with a "Positive "voltage", like "Hysteresis Loop Figure"!!! 

This is the effect Andrija Puharich named:

 "Rotation moment of the proton magnetic moment":

 "This sets up a rotation moment of the proton magnetic moment which one can clearly 
see on the XY plot of an oscilloscope, as an hysteresis loop figure.


it is noted that this hysteresis loop does not appear in the liquid water sample
 until all the parameters of the three components have been adjusted to the
 configuration which is the novel basis of this device. 

The hysteresis loop gives us a vivid portrayal of the nuclear magnetic 
relaxation cycle of the proton in water." 

Operating Parameters / Specifications

This Vic Version is a more advanced and robust design. 

Stanley Meyer used it to dive the WaterFuel Injectors.  the design just a upgrade to get better performance on the injectors faster charge up times. As each bobbin space will act like a voltage multiplier when the pulse is switched off and the figure 10-4 transformer added 13 more bobbin spaces to the voltage multiplying effect.


It is being tested to see if it can be used on the Electrolyzer but it main purpose was for the Water Spark Injectors and runs very high KV Ranges. 


The Core is a Iron Low Carbon Steel laminated core 



If you notice that all Stan's VIC is all ways surrounded by aluminum. I'm sure it has to do with shielding. But there could be another reason. This can be seen in Tesla work. Aluminum increases the capacitance in the coils.


That's why at the end of a Tesla coil you have a aluminum dome on top, it increases the capacitance of the coil. Food for thought! ;)I´m not that sure about that: page 10 says that aluminum casing preserves magnetic properties of the core. something to be tested out, maybe it influences the bifilar effect or something special not usual in industrial production ..

Box Labels

Stanley A Meyer Bobbin Box Sticker.png
Stanley A Meyer Bobbin Box Sticker.png
Stanley Meyer Vic 2 Bobbin  INjectors Sp
Stanley A Meyer 3d Printing Injector Bob
Stanley Meyer Injector Round Vic Bobbin
Stanley Meyer Injector Round Vic Bobbin
Flat Wire Technology Stanley Meyer Advan
Stanley Meyer Injector Round Vic Bobbin
Tricky wording 
Bi directionally wound
bi filar primary
Stanley A Meyer Bidirectionl coil winding.png

from a social post by ed

I know use the Tesla bifilar coil wrap on the primary myself as that cross wrap is on the hard side to do by hand, but I have done it and tested it and it works well on increasing voltage over the turn count ratios calculated voltage. But I found the meaning of the word in an unrelated patent about wrapping some electrical tape.

The good thing is now we all know what the word means.

the wire in the actually primary doesn't have those spaces between the bifilar wire as that was drawn that way for ease of teaching just how it was wrapped, okay? They are wrapped side by side with little to no air space gaps between the wires. Alternator and the injector bobbins round done this on primary 

 Vic 2 Laminated Iron Core

Can try non carbonised Core.

  • Primary coil - 0.8 mm. (21 Gauge)

  • Secondary coil - 0.05 mm. (43 Gauge)

  • Resonant Choke coils - 0.1 mm. (38 Gauge)

Stanley A Meyer Injector Bobbins 2
Stanley A Meyer Vic Bobbin 2  Injector
Stanley A Meyer Vic Bobbin 2  Injector
Stanley A Meyer Vic Bobbin 2  Injector

this is a demo of the distributed capacitance effect from the meyer round bobbin transformer Electro I used my manual coil winding machine to wind the 44 Ga. and took ages.. as for the HV part.. I don't know.. the power supply I am using is only 1 amp , my good dc power supply carked it a few months ago, so no I haven't got HV from it yet, I would like to try more power before I discard this for the wire, I had a bunch made a few years ago so this is brand new and the insulation is ok..Have you measured the choke Inductance? When I did mine I think they were around 10H each. I don't think my core was correct though. Yours looks like a near perfect replication.eah, the core I got is grain oriented and same thickness as meyers, I got 2 sets, got those years ago as well... I don't have an inductance meter but my meter has a capacitance setting

and that says 17.6 nF,

Interesting, you should get an LCR meter and take measurements of all those coils. Whoever designed that VIC was very smart (I think it was Stephen Meyer). Many people in the past have claimed that the spacers between the coils increase the coils distributed capacitance, in reality its used to reduce the voltage between turns so that the coils don't experience breakdown of the insulation by the HV. The multi segmented design actually reduces the distributed capacitance, but the bifilar winding as you have shown provides a higher capacitance. To me it looks like this VIC may have operated much differently than the 5 coil VIC of his previous design. Also, its unfortunate that we don't know what frequencies this is meant to operate on (but we can calculate/estimate them)....I wonder if it just provided one pulse that's duration was equal to the duty cycle of the injector or if it provided a series of pulses like the WFC did.

Yeah, this version of the VIC is the only one which doesn't have an amp inhibitor coil as an external unit ... I got a lot of things to try but some equipment breakdown has stopped process so I got to get that fixed..

Stanley A Meyer Vic Bobbin 2  Injector
Stanley A Meyer Vic Bobbin 2  Injector
Stanley A Meyer Vic Bobbin 2  Injector

What is Polyimide Varnish? we know we can order this on the wire now

Pyre-M.L. is a polyamic acid solvent (polyimide precursor) resulting from the condensation polymerization reaction of aromatic diamine and anhydride. Pyre-M.L. is applied as a coating to base materials, and is dried/heated at high temperature. This results in the generation of a polyimide membrane with excellent characteristics.
Quote for "The Birth of a new Technology: “Pyre-ML" trade name “Himol” polymer coating-material is used to impart thermal and mechanical resistance to the stainless steel (s/s) wire (614/615) coating; ..


Vic 2 PLastic Bobbin

3d Printer Files  Section

3d Design
Stanley A Meyer VIC Injector Bobbin

Vic 2 Aluminium Housing 

INsulation Stops EMF can Hold Vic in OIL. 

Stanley A Meyer VIC Injector Bobbin